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Here is a shortened version of all of the links you will need.

1. First thing, most important, Register for thesportsfix forum by clicking Here:

2. Then go to thesportsfix sim baseball forum and go to Owner/Team List Thread Here:

Here is the list of available teams. To see the teams use the league site listed above. Click 'Post Reply' and post your AIM Screen Name, Email Address and the team you are taking over. Then David can add you to the owner list.

3. Now, Download OOTP5 (It's free now) and install from here:

4. After your game is installed

Go to the here
and click the large file

To download the latest league file. Save to your desktop or somewhere that you can find it.

5. Next you need to extract the league file. If you don't know how to do this the easiest way is to download WinRAR here:

Then after WinRAR is installed open and at the top of WinRAR go to Extract to.. When the window pops up extract the nsbl.lg folder to this location:

C:\Program Files\Out of the Park Developments\OOTP5

Click Extract.

6. Open OOTP5 (it will default to Career League 2003) so at the top under File choose Open League. Choose nsbl.lg

*NOTE* If you find your game difficult to read you will need to navigate to the folder which you extracted nsbl.lg to and open the file called Game Configuration and disable Direct3D.

7. Once you are in the right league click on the team you selected. At the top under 'Your Team Name' go down to Team Setup. On the left hand side there is an option to Set Team Password. Do this and if one is already set from a previous owner contact the commish on via AIM on striKeoutKing067

After your team password is set feel free to make any changes to your team and click export team to FTP

The league file must be downloaded and extracted after every sim. Trades, free agent offers, and extensions are all done via this forum.

Any questions feel free to ask just about anyone in the league.
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Nicely done :thumbsup:
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