NSBL Rulebook

NSBL Rulebook

Postby The Crystal Meth » Thu Jun 29, 2006 9:33 am

Here are some of the rules.

1) When you sign a Free Agent in the off-season, you can not trade the player from your team until July 1st. After July 1st, you may trade the player. Any trade involving a signed free agent before July 1st will be vetoed automatically.

2) Maximum amount of players you can give nicknames to on your team is 3. If you exceed 3 players, you will be penalized.

3) The Cash maximum you can earn up to at the end of the season is between 35 million. Alpha and I are still discussing this rule a little bit but that range is the most cash you can earn each season.

This rule has been voided(Neg cash trade rule)

5) You may trade your draft picks. You can trade draft picks within 2 years. For example, I can trade this year's (2004) and next year's (2005) draft picks (which i did) but you can not trade 2006's draft picks.

6) No owner is allow to change a player's position to sign them to a cheaper extension. No positional player is allow to change to DH so that you can re-sign them to a long term deal cheaper, and no starting pitchers are allow to change to Middle Relievers so that you can re-sign them to a long term deal cheaper.

For Starting Pitchers who can be switched to a Reliever, that's a different case. If the starting pitcher has certain amount of starts in his contract year, then the appeal for the Starter to be moved to Reliever so that the guy can be re-signed cheaper will be denied.

The top 5 pitchers in GS (min. 12) on your team must be listed as SP.

You must contact either Alpha or Me to make a switch in position. Only time you are allow to do it without asking us is if it's a prospect. If it's a major league player or if the player's positional switch has nothing to do with being a pitcher or moving to DH. You must contact us and we will see if you are allow to make that positional switch.

7) Any Sort of Cheating will allow the owner to be suspended indefinitely until further notice. We will see what kind of evidence we have against you and decide the punishment from there.

8) When September comes, you may bring up to 40 players on your roster. If you are a playoff team, when playoff starts, you have to go back to 25 men roster. This is a MUST. If you aren't back to 25 men, you better be online and tell me who to send down or I will use my best judgement.

9) When two owners comes upon an agreement in a trade, both owners MUST post on the trade thread to confirm the trade. If one owner can't assess the board for some reason, he has to contact me through AIM before the trade can be approved.

10) No team owner is allow to change their major league team name. Minor league teams, go ahead. You can't change Major League team name though. Only time you can change location, team name, and just about everything from your franchise is when your fan interest is 15/100 or below.

11) Any trade made after the roster deadline will not be included in that sim but the trade will be updated for the next sim.

12) On your file, if you touch any of the other team's roster when you are not suppose to, you will be punished. If you are a team owner and you don't have a password for your team in the file, set it up so you make sure nobody touches your team's roster. Stick with your own team people.

NEW RULE 13) New owners will have to go through a period of time in which they will have their trades reviewed before they can be processed. Every trade involving a 4.0 spect or 3.0 star major leaguer OR any player with a contract of 5 mil or up will have their trade reviewed. A trade in question will be turned into a seperate post in order to get the opinion of the rest of hte league. The final decsision will be up to Adam and I. This is to avoid cheating and being taken advantage of. Also, this will ensure that owners are active before they can begin to dismantle teams like Texas did. Once you have been in the league for a full SIM year you will be free to trade at will. Myself and Adam will be the ones reviewing the trades

If you quit the league for any reason you must take a full sim league year off before you could return as your same team or a different team. you will only be allowed back in if there is an open team and you will not be replacing anyone(unless we decide to replace an inactive owner). Also you can only leave and comeback once. In other words, don't think you can team hop. If you have questions/concerns regarding this new rule please make a new post and we'll discuss it there.
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Postby striKeoutKing067 » Tue Oct 17, 2006 11:03 pm

This was added to clarify the SP to MR position change rule.

The top 5 pitchers in GS (min. 12) on your team must be listed as SP.

What this means is that at the end of the year the top 5 pitchers on your team in starts must be listed as a SP unless they have under 12 starts. If you really feel like being greedy and having a 5th starter by committee with 3 guys and 11 starts be my guest, they will all probably suck anyways.

Other changes are in bold.
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